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Ayahuasca retreat 2023

Sabrina did an amazing job leading the retreat.

I felt super safe (both physically and emotionally) throughout the entire two weeks.

This was truly a life changing experience.

I knew that already going into the retreat, but it still surpassed my expectations by a million miles. Coming out of it, I am still the same person, but looking at the world through a different lens, in a way that makes my heart feel so full. Sabrina was extremely attentive to my needs throughout the retreat, and did everything that she could to make sure that I always felt comfortable. Together with Olivia (the facilitator that she partners with), Sabrina created such a loving and nurturing space for healing. The few days of grounding before and after the retreat were so important to helping me get the most out of my ayahuasca experience. And the way Sabrina and Olivia managed the group dynamics was also critical to my learning experience. Ayahuasca is a powerful experience that pushed my limits, and I am so glad that I had Sabrina and Olivia’s support through it all. I would go on this retreat again in a heartbeat!

- Anthea


Ayahuasca retreat 2023

After coming back from the ceremony, it feels like the universe has been guiding me on how to live a more fulfilling life. The ceremony itself presented me with many signs, revelations, and triggers- showing me things I needed work on.

While you are at the ayahuasca center you stay in your own hut with no electricy but you have unlimited fresh spring water!

There’s also incense to keep mosquitos out so you don’t have to worry about them. Outside of the center while traveling around Peru the hotel accommodations are very nice and comfortable.

I especially enjoyed the grounding ceremony we had at the temple of the moon, it was beautiful and perfect way to end the trip.

Highly recommend this trip for anyone who has been interested in trying ayahuasca but is too afraid to go alone and/or want support in the process. The outcome was worth it and I’m excited to see what else will unfold in my life !

- Stella


Sabrina helped me to become more grounded and overall balancedI now have the willingness to accept life when is not “rosy” and not try to escape.

Sabrina is very gifted and highly intuitive and very accurate on my “Dear beloved BS” that I was holding on! She did a reality check on me and brought awareness on allowing feelings to be felt so I can let go of burdens so I can fly truly.

- Celina 


For someone who’s sought healing in the spiritual community for the last 13 years, there is only this important testimonial from me “Sabrina is the real deal”. Ever since the first session with her two years ago, I have sent literally all my friends to her for healing and transformation. My own transformation was enough of a testimony for my friends to go see Sabrina. She has a gift that is so rare and a heart so big and a purpose so immense for the evolution of humanity that everyone will be benefited for getting a session with her.

- Sharon

Just... amazing! Thank you


- Samantha


I believe each person is unique and will experience different outcomes from shamanic healing. My shamanic healing experience with Sabrina was an eye opener, her gentle guidance through out the journey made me become more aware of my inter-relationships with the surroundings. She helped me to understand myself on a soul & spiritual level, she guided me to build strong connections with my inner self. Like many business owners, I often avoid risks than trying something new. Sabrina empowers me with clarity and renewed confidence. She encourages to break old patterns, to limit negative beliefs, to fully believe in myself when it comes to new challenges in both life and work. 

- Alice


Strongly recommend the healing session by Sabrina without hesitation. After the sessions, my sadness and block are clear deep down my soul and I’m feeling carefree and released now. Glad that I met Sabina in my life.

- Ming


There are no words to explain how our session went, you have saved my life. cheers to the beginning of the rest of my life.

Even the 1st evening i was able to ground myself and communicate. I was able to see clearly and as me ( heart, mind, soul ) in alignment.

- Eden S


Conheço-a bem.É excecional, como pessoa, como guru, como conselheira e como xamã. Fez me apenas uma sessão, quando nos conhecemos que teve ótimos resultados. Aguardo a sua vinda a Portugal.

I know her well. It's exceptional, as a person, as a guru, as a counselor and as a shaman. Just gave me one session, when we first met, it had great results. I await your arrival in Portugal.

- Cecilia


Had a beautiful healing experience with Sabrina who has such an incredible aura that being in her presence, I felt peace. Grateful for the session. Highly recommended

- Michelle


The Healing Experience is one of the kind to connect with your inner self. Be ready for the most revealing magical moments of your best self . Love V-Healing connect with your Life Base elements.

- Anais


I am fully supporting my beautiful dear friend Sabrina for creating this beautiful offering. I have experience personally her healing modalities and it was such a beautiful gentle experience. She Carries strength and softens and nurturing On her facilitation and guidance. And she will held you on a safe and comfortable space. It gives me comfort than we have more healers in the world that is coming up in this important time. Wishing you beloved Sabrina for all the work than your gonna be doing and healing the world.

- Ambikha


Sabrina helped boost my self confidence and understanding within one session, we connected and she was able to guide me on how to move forward positively and disconnect from the past. My session with Sabrina was very comfortable and useful. Thank you for your love and sunshine.

- Sally


I saw Sabrina earlier this year and I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for the work she did within me. She has a true gift of healing and all the work she did with me is carrying on in my daily life, starting my own business with huge success.

I have recommended her to many of my friends who have also said the same thing. I cant wait to see her next time!

- Aisha


In my many years of working with people who suffer from anxiety ,

I have recommended many of them to independent therapists.

Sabrina is really the exception to the rule , and one of the best.

I thoroughly recommend her.

  - Lee du Ploy

I had many sessions already with Sabrina. It’s amazing how she can dive deep into my soul, into my physicals and emotional pain and heal them all. She can dig and point out my traumas that have been there from my childhood and adult relationships so that I can work on it to let them go. She’s been a fundamental help to my self awareness, growth and supports my personal development. Sabrina has helped me to facilitate and accelerate on dealing with my issues that I didn’t want to face by myself. She thought me how to surrender and helped me with all of her healing sessions. Once you’ve done a session with her, you want to go back again and explore more and peel layer by layer until you’re glowing inside and out again. The more you go, the more you glow. The more life becomes aligned, the more you are on the right track. Thank you so much Sabrina for taking my hand during my own journey of life. Can’t be more grateful to you! Highly recommended!

- Nicole

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-03 at 3.27.36 PM.

I can not recommend Sabrina enough. Like most people, I was highly skeptical about shamanic energy healing at first. But I decided to try a session as a number of people had shared with me their positive experiences with Sabrina. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away by the experience. A good soul cleansing is how I would describe the experience. A short reprieve from the incessant noises inside your head. She will help you reset your brain algorithm and look at things from a different perspective. And she does this in the most thoughtful and soothing manner. You will learn more about yourself, face and work through things about your past you have been consciously and unconsciously repressing and she will help you develop new ways to tackle your problems. And through this experience, you will ultimately learn how to be kinder to yourself. I’m completely addicted and so will you be.

- Julie

Meeting Sabrina was like meeting a fellow soul that shared the same purpose. I first met Sabrina at a meditation evening. I had arrived at the meditation with a magenta sports tape strapping my right shoulder. Of course the tape drew attention to my injury and many fellow meditators asked about it. One of my friends quietly said that if I wanted to heal my injury fast I should speak with Sabrina, she is a very powerful healer. I took the friend’s advice and introduced myself to Sabrina at the next class. We talked quietly after the class about my injury and she told me to visit her and get a healing. Sabrina is a level 3 Reiki healer and is also an amazing Shaman. When I visited Sabrina about 2 weeks later due I was in severe pain to my shoulder. I was also nervous because I had never done holistic healing of any kind except Ayurvedic medicine. As soon as I walked in for healing Sabrina put me at ease and started the healing process. She told me things other than the obvious cause of the physical injury, why my shoulder was hurting and cleared all the blocks that was causing the pain. She also cleared my mental blocks that were causing me to stymie my growth and self confidence. She gave me positive advice and healed my shoulder completely. (The doctor had told me I would require surgery and many weeks of physiotherapist to completely heal my shoulder).

I was amazed at the speed in which my shoulder was healing. The next class when Sabrina saw me she immediately sensed my shoulder and said there is some more pain but it will be gone in a few days. And it did! At another major Shamanic healing session with Sabrina I got a much deeper healing from her and she helped me get a deeper understanding of my soul and its journey. It has helped me tremendously in see the direction my life needs to take. She is a very Loving, Kind, Nurturing Soul. I am forever grateful to God and that friend at the meditation class for introducing me to Sabrina. Sabrina is a dear friend now with whom I have found an unbreakable bond.

I recommend a session with Sabrina wholeheartedly!

- Jhanvi

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