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Climb of Compassion
Nepal, a piece of Paradise.jpg
Nepal, a piece of Paradise.jpg
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3.3.2023 Arrival Kathmandu - USD 10,000
8.3.2023 Arrival in Lukla (2652 m) - USD 12,000
13.03.2023 Arrival in Dingboche (4410m) - USD 14,000
14.03.2023 Arrival in Loluche (4910m) - USD 16,000
15.03.2023 Everest Base Camp (5364m) - USD 20,000
16.03.2023 Kala Patthar (5644m) - USD 22,000
19.03.2023 Arrival back in Kathmandu - END 


 Sabrina’s climb of compassion 5364 Metres up from Nepal to the Everest base camp for INARA, an international organization that provides rapid aid, relief and assistance

to war-wounded children of Syria and Ukraine.

Our opportunity to donate and make a difference to transform the lives of these children begins on the 3rd of March @ 3:33pm (UTC+8) 

And the Climb will begin on the 8th of March 

Please follow @vhealing and subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the journey and donation ahead. 

After the climb, Sabrina will be returning to Gaziantep in June 2023, 50km from the Syrian border where a devastating earthquake struck on the 6th February 2023. 

Thanks to your kindness, compassion and donations we will be able to once again visit our wounded children and their families, giving them a glimmer of hope and make them smile again.

Sabrina will humbly carry your torch of compassion throughout her journey.


Rapid Response

 in Ukraine & Syria

Filling in the gaps 

In access to life changing medial and mental health services by sponsoring care for conflict impacted children.

Altering Lives

INARA’s vision is a world where no child impacted by conflict is left untreated.

Holistic approach 

Medical Treatment 

Mental Health 

Rapid Response 


Arwa Damon
Board President 

Arwa Damon is CNN‘s Senior International Correspondent based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has over a decade of experience in war zones across the MENA region and has often focused her work on humanitarian stories.  The concept behind INARA is a by product of her first hand experience on the ground.


Amanda Seyfried
Board Member

With a career spanning two decades Amanda Seyfried is known for her work in cultural mainstays Mean Girls, Mamma Mia and Les Miserables among many others. She is a dedicated humanitarian and animal welfare activist. Amanda joined INARA’s board of directors in 2018.


Luna Madi

Luna Madi is a seasoned communications professional. Her areas of focus over the years, has been in marketing communications strategy development and reputation management.

She currently heads the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) communications efforts for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

Who are we ?

“Be a humanitarian with action not with tears.”

Sabrina Villard (Shaman & Founder)

IMG_6826 3.HEIC

Remember, your donations, no matter how small,
can make a huge difference in their lives!

Make them smile again 

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