Frequently asked questions

What happens in a private Shamanic healing session?

Please refer to the Services page.

I have an upcoming session. Is there anything I need to do beforehand to prepare?

Nothing to do or prepare. Just come with an open mind and heart and leave all your expectations at the door.

Can I go back to work or carry on my day as normal after a session?

I recommend taking it easy after your session. Healing may make you feel fatigued, emotional, and/or mentally cloudy. The best thing to do is to rest.

Do you have a payment plan option?

We do not have a payment plan. All sessions must be paid in full to book your spot.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayMe (Request details) and PayPal (Via website)

Can I have my friend/family member sit in on the session?

You may have someone sit in the session with you and observe, or to be there for you, but any work done on a second person will be billed for.I would suggest attending your session alone. ME time.

How far in advance can I book a session with Sabrina?

You can book any slots that are currently listed as available. I would recommend booking your session at least a few weeks in advance.

I have some deep-seated issues and trauma. Will one session with Sabrina  be enough? How many sessions will I need?

Because everyone is different, there is no way to say for sure if you will need more than one session. Based on my experience, a minimum of 3 sessions are usually needed to feel and experience a breakthrough.There is no magic, day to day awareness and work would still be required on your side.

How often should i book a private session?

I would suggest a monthly booking to enter a real Shamanic Healing Therapy.

Is there anything I should bring or wear to my session?

Dress comfortably.

Does Sabrina administer drugs and/or herbal medicine during her shamanic sessions?

There are no medicines or drugs given whatsoever during a session with Sabrina. The energy of the Universe will do all the work.