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White Branch

Focusing on releasing emotional blockages.

Sabrina empowers clients to move forward in life with positive focus and conviction, shedding the negative energies that can cloud judgment & progression.

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Shamanic Healing Benefits

Reduces stress

Helps alleviate anxiety & depression

Releases pent up emotional & physical tensions

Supports you to process emotions 

Restores emotional balance, self-esteem & mental clarity

Sheds light on deep traumas

Increases purpose

Enhances potential

Restores energy balance

Helps to align mind, body & spirit

Guides you on your self-discovery path 

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Energy Healing 

Sabrina addresses the root causes of diseases, both physical & emotional by removing blockages caused by imprints of trauma.

Each client will experience a different session each time. 

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Distant Healing

Through a state of altered consciousness, Sabrina is able to access invisible spirit realms to release emotional & physical blockages and heals through distance, without being physically present. 




Training Program  

Grow into your intuition and unlock the potential within with Shaman Sabrina's 6 week shamanic training course. Let her guide you in the process of trusting your intuition and taking a deeper look into yourself to find any hidden gems and potential gifts brewing within. For beginners and advanced, one on one classes specially curated for you! Attune to your abilities & enter the world of the mystics.


Available In Person & on Zoom

V-Healing Studio


More About Shamanic Healing

The most ancient form of spirituality, shamanic healing is a practice that has existed in some form throughout time and history, born as a response to society’s well-being needs.

The term “shaman” means “one who sees in the dark”, and healing in this manner attempts to address the root causes of diseases caused by traumatic imprints.

Sabrina is able to help you to release images, information and emotions

that have an impact on our everyday lives, and is able to offer sound, sustainable remedies that resonate strongly, whether it is a client’s first session or their 10th.

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