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Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru 

29th Sep - 11 October 2023
(Bookings close on 10th June 2023)



Sacred Ayahuasca Brew

Are you ready for an awakening ?

Join us on this intimate life changing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to open the connection to your inner and higher self. 


Guided by Sabrina & Olivia, and Shipibo Shamans, you will explore the depths of your being by connecting to your spirit, allowing you to gain insight on the healing needed to reach your fullest potential and create the life you love. 


Originating from Peru, Ayahuasca is a plant-based

psychoactive, entheogenic brewed drink.

Traditionally used as a ceremonial or shamanic spiritual medicine, brewed carefully by indigenous Shamans in the heart of the Amazonian forest.

The Sacred brew can alter your state of consciousness in which the exploration within can help relieve mental health issues and addictions.


Enlighten yourself, discover new perspectives and

heal inner wounds, with ancient wisdom.

Experience three profound Ayahuasca ceremonies in the heart of Peru,

led by respected Peruvian Shipibo Shamans.

Each ceremony is tailored to your intentions.

If you are feeling the call for an awakening to transform your life,

this Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru may be perfect for you!


 Shaman Manuela Mahua

Shaman Manuela is a traditional Shipibo-Konibo healer who has been studying and working with plant medicines since the age of 13. She stems from a long line of plant medicine practitioners in the Mahua family.


Shaman Robertina (Manuela's cousin) is a traditional Shipibo-Konibo healer and Noyá Ráo maestra. She is a primary bodyworker and co-leads ceremony with Manuela.

 Shaman Robertina Mahua

Brief itinerary: Sep 29th Sep - 11th Oct

Day 1: Arrival in Lima , Peru

Day 2: Arrival in the Amazonian rainforest, Pucallpa

Day 3: First day at the Ayahuasca retreat center near Pucallpa

Day 4: First Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Day 5: Third day at the Ayahuasca retreat center

Day 6: Second Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Day 7: Fourth day at the Ayahuasca retreat center

Day 8: Third Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Day 9: Last day at the Ayahuasca retreat center

Day 10:Arrival in the valley of the antes, Cuzco

Day 11:Grounding in Cuzco 

Day 12: Closing ceremony and visit Machu Picchu

Day 13:Return to Lima, international flight back home 


USD 5,550 PIF* 


USD 3,000 x 2 instalments**

*PIF - Paid In Full

**First payment due upon confirmation, second instalment due 30 days later

What it includes: 

  • All Peru domestics flights, Peru airport transfers and Peru ground transportation 

  • 5 nights hotel in Peru (single accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels)

  • Accommodation at the secluded Ayahuasca retreat center (7 days)

  • 3 x Ayahuasca ceremonies in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest

  • All meals (B/L/D)  plus non – alcoholic drinks during meals throughout the trip

  • Guided visit of Machu Picchu and entrance fees

  • Group Activities, Meditations, and Ceremonies

  • Group and individual preparation meetings prior the trip (Online and/or In person)

  • Group and individual support meetings during the trip (unlimited)

  • One individual integration meeting after the trip (Online and/or In person)*


*Upgrade to receive the full 6 week integration experience to support practically applying the lessons gained during the Ayahuasca retreat into your day to day life. We need time to process and implement each lesson, as wisdom unfolds in layers.


Upgrade Package

$999 early-bird special PIF until the 10th of June

Price goes up to $1297 on 11 June 


What's not included:  International airfare from/to your country; excess baggage fees; entry visa fees; optional extensions & excursions; personal, baggage & travel insurance; gratuities; beverages; items not specifically mentioned in the itinerary or "included features" list; any items of a personal nature.


For more details and introduction call,

do not hesitate to reach out to us!


(Bookings close on 10th June 2023)



What does single accommodation mean?

This means you will have your own room, you will not be sharing with anyone.( 4 or 5* hotels)


What day do I need to arrive and departure from Peru ?

Arrive in Peru on 29th (morning) and depart on 11th Oct (afternoon)


I am taking a special medication, would there be a problem? 

Pls contact us so we can further discuss.


How can I best prepare ?

We will discuss on your discovery call and see if it is the right thing for you


I have a special dietary consideration ?

Pls contact us so we can further discuss as you will follow a special diet 2 weeks prior, during and 2 weeks after your ayahuasca retreat.

How can I pay ? : Credit cards, Paypal , FPS , Payme.  In Full or 2 x instalments.


Why do I need more integration ?

You cannot get a six pack with a 1 training session, you must have consist actions to achieve long lasting results and to make sure you can bring the lessons home into your day to day life. The full integration experience is recommended 


Why is there  a deadline ?

Because we need to secure the retreat center with the Shamans.

For more details and discovery call,

do not hesitate to reach out to us!


(Bookings close on 10th June 2023)

Machu Picchu, Peru

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