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Shamanic Energy Healing & Therapy

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Helping Modern Urban Warriors and MetaHumans
Alleviate Burnout & Release Emotional Traumas

We are experiencing a renewed focus on self & spirit, as people around the world seek to re-centre & re-establish themselves in a new global paradigm. 


Wellness is more than just a buzzword; meditation is becoming a more common daily ritual; & new, alternative healing modalities are rising in popularity as urban professionals look beyond modern medicine to find health & happiness amid a changing world.

Unlock your potential !

 Your Shaman on an app to help you Live Life Better
by making time for self-healing
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Designed by your modern day Shaman, Vie app helps you build consistent habits based on your daily mood and encourages you to have fun doing the little things that can improve your mental, emotional and physical health throughout the day.

Practice self-healing, guided meditations, breathing exercices, brain activation and move your body to help manage stress, relieve tension, building healthy foundations and improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

Have fun with your avatar and Live Life Better !

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Redefining Mental Health in our Modern & Digital World 

Bring your soul to Metaverse and meet your Meta Shaman Sabrina

Welcome to V-Healing 3.0

A unique VR experience for your souls journey

Specially curated by Sabrina Villard

And developed by

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Available on Oculus Quest and Desktop