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Invest in Yourself 
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Shamanic Energy Healing & Therapy

Photo by Until Chan 

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Helping Modern Urban Warriors and MetaHumans
Alleviate Burnout & Release Emotional Traumas

We are experiencing a renewed focus on self & spirit, as people around the world seek to re-centre & re-establish themselves in a new global paradigm. 


Wellness is more than just a buzzword; meditation is becoming a more common daily ritual; & new, alternative healing modalities are rising in popularity as urban professionals look beyond modern medicine to find health & happiness amid a changing world.

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Redefining Mental Health in our Modern & Digital World 

Bring your soul to Metaverse and meet your Meta Shaman Sabrina

Welcome to V-Healing 3.0

A unique VR experience for your souls journey

Specially curated by Sabrina Villard

And developed by

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Available on Oculus Quest and Desktop