V-Healing Certified Seeds of Master

Looking for an accurate and tailored guidance on how to unlock your potential ? 

Ling Lynn


Coming from a family of palmist, Ling Lynn dived into spirituality at a very young age with a natural and deep interest in ancient metaphysics.


Luxury fashion merchandiser by day , palmist during breaks, Ling Lin has recently taken the leap of faith to embrace her true calling of becoming a full time palmist.

Her path was written in her hands.

Ling Lynn guides her clients through the possibilities of their life's outlook, through the 4 main pillars :Love, Life, Health, Career. Her modern and relatable style of reading gives clients the power to transform their lives. 

Your Future is in your hands.


Javier Lau 

 Life Path reader (Ba-Zi 八字)

Javier Lau is a Feng shui Master and life path reader. 

His sensitivity to energy and awareness of the spiritual world, lead him to embark on a journey of ancient Chinese metaphysics and self-discovery at the early age of 22. 

Javier has since then been travelling across the globe to train with various teachers and Masters.


As a modern Feng shui Master and life path reader, Javier blends ancient wisdom of Chinese astrology with modern techniques to guide his clients through their intended life path and tap into their true potential.