"Physical pain 

Emotional pain 

Heart pain 


Hmm we know it too well 


Slowly or abrupty i would go through all your physical and inner layers 

Hugging me, trying to keep me warm 

Trying to contain me 

Trying to store me 

Trying to bury me 


Hmm we know it too well


I will not rest 

In your dark subconscious layers i will grow and spread 

Now you may call me trauma 

Like lightning i would reappear and be seen when thunder triggers me 

Coming from a long way , disguised , you would not be able to recognize me 

Deep trauma i would be 


Turn around 

Look inside 

Look deeper into your soul mirror 

Retrieve the key 

Undust me 

Look at me 

Don't be scared 


Hmm we know it too well 


Feel me 

Sit with me 

Let me one last time submerge you 

Let me one last time open you 

Facing each other 

Raw you and I will be 

Vunerable we will be 

Embracing each other 

Understanding each other 

Fear is gone 


I am no longer scared 

I am facing you 

I feel my pain 

With understanding , compassion and love 

With gratitude for these hard lessons 

I release you and let go 

Only the wise lessons will be kept so that the cycle won't repeat once again 


Sacred my wounds will be"

Sabrina Villard

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